Labour Welfare

Labour Welfare measures implemented in KSRTC

KSRTC has introduced many labour welfare measures for the benefit of the employees. Out of them, a few major welfare schemes are explained below:

  • De-addiction Centre:

    A de-addiction programme, WAPPA (Work Place Alcohol Prevention Programme and Activity) was implemented in KSRTC since 1997 as a worker reach out program. The policy objectives are:
    • To prevent alcohol abuse among all employees as a part of the corporations' commitment to the health and welfare of its employees, operational safety and the environment.
    • To educate the employees on the dangers and consequences of alcohol abuse especially in the interest of the commuter safety and assist all employees to overcome this habit.
  • Preventive Medicine & Healthy life Style Clinic at Bangalore and Mysore:

    Established to provide a Comprehensive annual health checkup program for all the employees.
  • Insurance Scheme:

    An internal insurance scheme called KSRTC Employees Family Welfare Scheme with contribution from both employee and the employer is introduced which provides a compensation of Rs.3 lakhs to the dependent of the employee who die while in service.
  • Merit Awards:

    Merit awards for children of employees/officers who secure higher marks in SSLC, PUC & Degree examinations.
  • Educational Loan :

    A scheme of extending educational loan up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh for coverage of tuition fee to the employees' children who are admitted to professional courses.
  • Medical Reimbursement:

    Reimbursement is given on par with State Government. Advance for major illness and personal sickness of the employee and their dependents.
  • Recognition of Hospitals:

    To provide adequate medical facilities to the employees and their dependents more than 108 reputed private hospitals and 7 Diagnostic centers have been recognized by the Corporation.
  • Educational Assistance:

    A Scheme to provide monthly scholarships to children of employees/ officers studying in different courses.
  • Award schemes:

    Awarding Gold and Silver medals to the Accident-free Drivers of the corporation.
    • Gold Medal: Awarded to the drivers who render accident free service for a period of fifteen years in mofussil divisions and seven years in city services.
    • Silver Medal: Awarded to the drivers with five years accident-free record in mofussil divisions and three years accident-free record in city services.
    • Shourya Prashasti Medal Scheme: Shourya Prashasti Medal Scheme has been introduced in KSRTC as per approval of the Board of directors vide resolution N0.9129, dated 25.11.09 to grant cash award up to the maximum of Rs.20,000/- and Gold Medal for meritorious/exemplary services and sacrifice rendered by the employers while discharging their legitimate duties after examining casewise.
  • Sports and Cultural Activities:

    Divisional and inter-divisional sports and cultural activities for the employees are held annually.
  • Traffic Revenue Incentive Scheme:

    • This scheme is applicable to drivers and conductors.
    • In city and suburban services 3% of traffic revenue collection.
    • In respect of ordinary, mofussil, express, semi-luxury services 2% of traffic revenue.
  • Counseling:

    To motivate the labour force for maximum productivity a counseling scheme is implemented in KSRTC. It helps in reducing absenteeism thereby increasing the productivity, reduction in the accident rate and improvement in the behavior of the employees with the passengers.
  • Voluntary retirement scheme:

    A Voluntary Retirement scheme is implemented from 12.08.2005. Under the scheme an employee who opts for Voluntary Retirement gets an additional financial benefit ranging from Rs.75,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/-. The minimum benefit has been enhanced to Rs.1,25,000/- with effect from October 2010.

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